The original tapes were sampled and collected by members of

The sampled data was digitally analyzed and reconstructed by Ivanq and Manwe. Every wave period now has a square shape, constant integer length and fixed amplitude.

The sample rate is adjusted to match CPU speed of the real БК 0010 computer and tuned to achieve the maximum possible loading speed for particular loader, used in the particular game. In additional, WAV files has small size and can be packed to a very tiny archive.

To load a game, turn on your БК 0010 and enter Monitor (in BASIC type "MO" and press Enter). Then type "M" (which means "magnetic tape") and press Enter. Type the game name and press Enter again.
Following WAV files can be loaded by real hardware or БК emulator by gid. Also you can watch most of these loaders on YouTube.
Пароли к частям 2-5: HARLEY, TYSON, CONNOR, ANGELOS